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Driver's Ed Syllabus



Drivers education is different from the standard classroom in that the State Department of Transportation regulates what is to be taught and what is mandatory.  As such there are policies in this course that are different from the rest of the high school.  No one was ever injured because they missed a math problem.  You will be graded on three factors:  Attitude, Classroom, and Driving.

First, you must attend 30 hrs of classroom instruction.  The class will run 3weeks Monday thru Friday, two hours a day.  Therefore, if you are absent you will have to make up the time.  If you miss one day (without prior notice) you will have to write a 4 page paper over the topics that were discussed. On the second miss (without prior notice) you will fail the classAny misses over 2 without prior arrangements will result in a failure.  Since the class is only 3weeks there should be no reason to miss.  There will be daily quizzes covering the reading assignment.  You must have an 80% grade in order to pass the class.

Second, you must have six hours behind the wheel.  These will be scheduled with your driving instructor.  Because of the difficulty in scheduling 30 drivers with 6 hours driving time, if you miss 2 drives (this means you just don’t show up) you will fail the class for attitude. If something comes up that you can’t drive, call and find someone else that can drive in your place, if you cannot find anyone call the instructor and your driving partner and let them know that you can’t drive and have it rescheduled.

Third, you must have six hours observation from the back seat.  You will have a driving partner that you will observe and then you will drive while they observe you.  We can’t drive with just one student in the car, so if your partner misses, the drive will be cancelled. 

There can be no driving of any kind except with the driver education instructor until you finish the program, if you do, you will fail the class.

Failure/Removal From a Driver Education Program

Students may be removed from or fail a Driver Education program for reasons that include, but are not limited to, the following:

·        Not having purchased a permit before any instruction takes place.

·        Excessive tardiness or absences (per school policy).

·        Attitude and/or behavior that detracts from safe driving or a positive Driver Education classroom environment (per school policy).

·        Cheating (whether sharing or receiving answers or work without permission, per school policy).

·        Violation of Idaho’s Drug and alcohol/age laws during Driver Education, while driving or not, will cancel the instruction permit and result in failing Driver Education.

·        Any violation of the driving permit.

·        Use of a mobile or electronic device during instruction without the instructor’s permission.


I have read and understand that there are risks for my child to take Drivers Education and give permission for my child to drive with the instructors.

______________________                                                                ________________________

Parent or Guardian                                                                              Student

Please list any special needs that we need to be aware of. (ex. Glasses and so forth) or if we need to contact you about the needs of the student write your number and the best time to contact.