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Mrs. Nelson

Mrs. Amy Nelson



Driggs Elementary, Rendezvous Upper Elementary


Lesson Focus for the Month: Bullying

Bullying is repeated abuse that can take three forms.

Physical: hitting, spitting, kicking, stealing or damaging belongings

Verbal: threats, lying to cause trouble, name-calling, teasing

Emotional: intimidation, social exclusion, spreading gossip

Here at school we have been talking about the following three questions. Ask your students about what they have learned.


What is a bully?

A person who leaves others out on purpose

A person who wants to harm others

A person who says unkind things to others

How can I stop a bully?

I can walk away

I can tell an adult

I can be a friend to others

Do I ever bully?

Do I hurt others by what I say?

Do I make others feel afraid?

Do I try to leave others out?


School Resources:

Driggs Elementary has books, videos, and cassette tapes to help with a variety of different problems. Call Mrs. Nelson to see what is available for you to check out.



Community Resources:

Click here for a list of community resources available.