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Counseling Resources

Teton Valley Mental Health

Resource List


*This list includes providers who are based in Teton Valley.  Providers from Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Jackson, and other areas may practice in Teton Valley.  They are not included on this list.



These providers have Master’s Degrees or higher and are licensed as counselors or social workers in the state of Idaho.

Laura McKee, PSYD, LLC               Individual/couple therapy, psychological testing                 (208) 201-5230

Sandi Bills, LCPC                             Individual/couple counseling for adults/children              (208) 787-9804

Erica Burns, MA LPC LAT              Individual/couple counseling, substance abuse                   (208) 787-9804

Lou Parri, LCSW                             Individual/couple counseling                                          (208) 354-3128

Patti Snarr, LCSW                          Individual counseling, adults/children                               (208) 351-3100

Chip Snowden, PHD,                     Individual counseling, adults/children                               (208) 522-1904

Christine Emdee Reilley, LCSW   Individual/couple counseling                                                (307) 730-7060

Amy Herzogg, LCSW                    Individual counseling, adults/children                                (307)690-0639

LDS Social Services                        Family/Individual counseling                                           (208)529-5276

Adam Williamson, LCPC             Individual/couple counseling, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy  (208)705-7898

Buffy Trupp, MA                            Parent/Child Interaction Therapy                                      (415)946-7427

Sarah S. Dunn, MA, LPC               Individual adult                                                                (208)-201-5686



Phychosocial Rehabilitation Providers

These providers offer skills-based training for children with emotional disorders.

Reddoor Rehabilitation (Marlene Harris)                                                           (208) 354-3005

Human Dynamics                                                                                          (208)354-0162

Vista Family Services                                                                                     (208)552-0355

Counseling, med mgt, psychiatric treatment, case management, psychosocial rehabilitation (Medicaid only)

Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Human Dynamics and Diagnostic              (208)354-0162

Substance Evaluations and Treatment        (208)528-5466 x201

Mental Wellness                                      (208)541-3172

Alcohol Help Line – 24 Hour Assistance     (800)821-4357



Medical Clinics

Driggs Medical Clinic                                                                         (208)354-2302

Four Peaks Urgent Care                                                                     (208) 354-4757


Additional Resources

Teton County Sheriff (In Case of Emergency Dial 911)                          (208) 354- 2323

Teton Valley Hospital                                                                         (208) 354-2383

Juvenile Probation Officer: Sara Willers/Catherine Hunt                         (208) 354-3862

Family Safety Network                                                                       (208) 354-8057

Free, confidential support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

The Department of Health and Welfare                                                (208) 359-4750

Contact for children’s mental health evaluations, child protection concerns,

Medicaid applications, Social Security applications and other financial assistance.

Investigates complaints of Abuse and Neglect for children – 24 hour assistance (208)356-9218